Giulio Visibelli
Saxophonist & Flutist, Composer, Teacher

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Zoom Photo by Dario Tettamanzi

Zoom With Franco Caroni

Zoom With Guido, Sandro Comini and Gary Burton

Zoom With John La Porta and Marco Volpe

Zoom With Joseph Viola and Dante Accorsi

Zoom Quincy Jones awards me with the diploma

The First Visibelli Group
Zoom With Francesco Sguazzabia, Davide Ragazzoni, Vincenzo Mingiardi and Ugo Manfredi (Photo by Maki Galimberti)

Zoom With Enrico Rava, Tiziana Simona and Mal Waldron

Neji Trio in Hatra
Zoom With Federico Sanesi and Vincenzo Mingiardi

Gianni Basso AT BigBand
Zoom With Mauro Negri

Neji Trio
Zoom With Vincenzo Mingiardi and Federico Sanesi

Il Grande Cerchio
Zoom With Marti Jane Robertson, Mitch Forman and Bill Elgart

Zoom With Fulvio Maras, Norma Winstone, Marco Micheli and Serge Lazarevitch

Words Portrait
Zoom Photo by Steffen Saint-Clair

Senza Parole
Zoom With Sandro Gibellini, Franco Testa and Mauro Beggio

Little Poems
Zoom With Arrigo Cappelletti and Steve Swallow

With Mario Piacentini

In Jakarta

with the Civica Jazz Band
Zoom photo by Roberto Cifarelli

At the Blue Note with Patti Austin
Zoom Foto by Alberto Reina

In Vigevano with Bob Mintzer
Zoom Foto by Alberto Reina

Music by Le Citt Invisibili

Photo By Dario Villa

At Salumeria Della Musica
Zoom Photo By Roberto Cifarelli Phocus Agency

At The Blue Note
Zoom Photo By Roberto Cifarelli Phocus Agency

At Blue Note
Zoom Photo by Roberto Cifarelli Phocus Agency

With Gomez and Hart in Siena
Zoom Photo by Francesco Martinelli

With Dee Dee Bridgewater at Blue Note
Zoom With Dee Dee Bridgewater at Blue Note